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Development of projects with different intentions

Development of the team in charge

Package offers for flexible services

Statistical management of key performance indicators

Development of detailed reports on equipment control

Policy development for equipment configuration

Development of training for the team in charge

Ongoing customer surveys

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Climbia BPO help desk outsourcing services in Albania: A better, innovative solution!

Why outsource your IT helpdesk to Climbia BPO? 

Outsourcing and helpdesk services are becoming more and more recognized by the business world. And there are particular reasons for this:

  • The ability to reduce costs:
  • The ability to outsource the service greatly decreases the costs of extra machinery and team training.
  • The quality of the service: 
  • We have our own KPIs and different quality control tools. 


In case you try to outsource your helpdesk, it is important for you to know that we feel that we are an extension of your team from that moment on. We will personally take care of integrating ourselves into your regular business activities in a timely manner to ensure that customers continue to feel the essence of the company while we work to improve services. 

Outsource your IT helpdesk to Climbia BPO now to see instant results.

Levels of outsourced IT help desk that Climbia BPO can help you with:

Help desk services possess different types, depending on how complex the service offered by the company is and the type of involvement that is needed so that it can be explained to the customer clearly. But at Climbia BPO we have all types of Help Desk to meet your needs and we train each of our consultants to be able to handle any level of inquiry.

We have experience in providing support for:

Level 0 (L0, T0)

We can define this level as one more focused on self-help. It is usually based on knowledge data found on the company’s home pages under the names “FAQ” or “QNA”. Our services are trained to gather sufficient customer data and fill out these forms, so we avoid light queries and can focus on the more difficult ones. 

Although it may seem unnecessary, this level 0 is one of the most used in terms of help desk outsourcing. It is a simpler approach that prevents the help lines from becoming overloaded and allows them to focus on the most difficult problems. 

Level 1 (L1, T1)

Consultants at this level of service handle simple questions that can be explained by a specialist, and some basic human help. This type of outsourced help desk service only needs the consultant to be slightly knowledgeable about the company, enough to solve problems about the product and service, and how it works.

Usually the tickets that come to the help desk are answered by level 1 consultants, but we still take care to thoroughly train each consultant about the company they are working for so that they can adapt to any level of questions. This is a basic requirement to serve at Climbia BPO and we take great care to meet it.

To confirm that the skills and knowledge of the consultant groups are sufficient, we take care of a constant quality control and monitoring of customer feedback through surveys that we assign to each consultant and that are recorded in a log. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the customer service that these consultants give to your clients, everything is under control!

Level 2 (L2, T2)

Level 2 outsourced helpdesk consultants have more experience and expertise compared to level 1 consultants. Level 2 tickets usually have a much smoother KPI, for example: the time spent on troubleshooting usually takes longer due to higher levels of demand on the queries. For these outsourced helpdesk cases, customers may choose to set a first response time KPI, i.e., the time in which consultants must inform the customer that their query has been seen and is being dealt with.  

Ideally, people who are talking to consultants should notice the human warmth and see that they were not redirected with a robot, therefore, responses should be faster in chat and calls, even in email. In addition, they should have their own personalization that allows them to feel heard and that their case is important to the community. In addition, it is important to let them know that their case is being processed and that they will get a solution. 

Level 3

This is the most technically demanding of all the previous levels, and in fact it is the last. Calls for level three care are usually escalated and need specialized attention from developers or salespeople.

At level three care, the area managers need to survey the customer about the status of their call, and clearly analyze how they can solve the problem without leaving a trace. Definitely, outsourcing the help desk is one of the most advantageous things for a business as it does not have to directly take care of these kinds of problems that can waste time for the entrepreneur in chief. 

This is one more proof that helpdesk outsourcing is more than a benefit, it is a necessity for an emerging company that needs to grow in a neat way and without getting a bad reputation from the very beginning.

Helpdesk outsourcing: the process of setting up the helpdesk team with Climbia BPO

Strategy development

In order to take charge and understand what your customer needs and what your business needs when it comes to offering an outsourced helpdesk service, Climbia BPO’s integration manager will investigate your company as deeply as possible in order to strategize the functionality that will allow us to meet new objectives to grow your business.

In this we will need your collaboration, as no one knows your company better than you and your team. Therefore it is likely that you will be asked questions regarding your needs in order to know what points we need to attack urgently and what we could improve in your company through the services you have asked us for.

Knowledge base development and implementation

The other step after the deep planning is the development and implementation of the previous database that the integration manager has taken. For this, the managers work constantly with the clients to be able to do everything to the letter so that the head of the company can give the authorization to start the development. It is important to specify that we have already taken into account each specialty of the product or service of your brand, only your authorization is missing at this stage. 

Team approval

Vendors may not be able to communicate with the team all the time, but our customers are our number 1 priority, which means they should feel 100% comfortable with those who provide outsourced help desk support for their product. That’s why they can be actively involved in choosing, training and interacting with the support team. They can be as involved as they want or desire. Our outsourced help desk support services are fully tailored to your specific needs and wishes. 

Systems integration

We integrate all the necessary tools and systems into our QCRM to ensure that processes are as smooth as possible. Of course, if necessary, we can easily work with any other CRM system or communication channels of our client’s choice. 

The QCRM we use is specially developed by our team and is made to meet all our needs in order to show you the quality service we have designed especially for you. 

Hands-on training

None of our team starts their desk support work without first having had training that allows them to know about the product they are going to talk about. This is mandatory. Our training processes contain different tests, among which the most necessary are simulation calls in order to determine how well trained they are to act before any stressful situation. 

Start of assistance

Once the team is fully trained, the development of the help desk support begins. Through this stage, the team leaders will be in charge of the new employees and they will check the level of knowledge they acquired in the training. In addition to updating the database and finishing the final touches. 

Stand out with excellent Help Desk Outsourcing Services in Albania

Work with a team of professionals

At Climbia BPO, we take care of leading and training all the people who will attend your company to ensure that there will be no quality issues. Our teams will always focus on delivering the highest level of customer service.

Maintain your brand's tone of voice

Every company clearly wants customers to be served with quality and with the right tone of voice that fits your company. And to your relief, we do our best to match your brand values and convey them in our services.

Speak your customer's language

Climbia BPO has the ability to adapt to more than 4 languages in order to serve any country.

Pay more attention to your business, not your answering services

We know it is difficult to take care of your business and at the same time be attentive to customer services in different areas, but with us you will have more rest and more focus on the essentials.

Clients Reviews

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The help desk is in charge of helping customers to have the right information about the product and to be able to reduce any doubts they may have about it in order to further improve the customer’s experience with the company. 

Outsourced MSP support does not only exist in our database.  At Climbia BPO we offer many more, in case you have a question about any of them please contact us directly through the main page and we will be able to answer your questions. 

Outsourcing the helpdesk requires a support group that is in charge of different types of services. At Climbia BPO we take care of serving all these sub categories in the helpdesk services for your company, depending on your particular needs.

Outsourced help desk support has different levels, level three in particular is responsible for dealing with the most complicated cases that come in to the call, messaging or email services. This will require a technical assessment and usually even the relocation of development staff.

This largely depends on the type of help desk they need. It also depends on the size of the company, the hourly coverage to be covered and different types of media. This can be discussed and tailored to your needs if you contact us from our home page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Well, at Climbia BPO we offer the first month free, ​where we will see the integration and training process of the teams that will be in your company from the moment you hire us. 

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