Non-Profit Business Process Outsourcing In Albania

At Climbia BPO we focus on assisting non-profit organizations to maintain their tax-exempt status by leveraging our multiple services available, such as auditing, tax and training services to prioritize the ongoing operation of the organization itself. 

Charitable and not-for-profit organizations are a vital part of the economy and society. But even so, their intentions are not enough to avoid facing financial pressures thanks to demographic differences, unstable philanthropic support and pressures that regulate the flow of collaboration. And while we know that all organizations have different priorities, we make it our business to focus on each of them and deliver on them to the letter. 

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Our approach as a non-profit business process outsourcing organization in Albania

We are more than aware of the priority that non-profit organizations or NGOs have in today’s society. Therefore, it is essential that they have the correct training base to keep up to date with tax deductions and exemptions, thus avoiding legal problems. In addition, to maintain a constant flow of income and to be able to continue operating in the future. 

In Climbia BPO we have different non-profit organizations, and behind them is our team of professionals trained in the area and with several years of experience. So we keep ourselves updated on the different services that could serve the NGOs in order to be able to continue providing operations in the long term. Our main focus will always be on developing a sustainable type of operation and guiding you to the success of your intention. 

Nonprofits are described through the great diversity they show, as well as their intentions and the priorities they have ahead of them. And we’re not afraid of that – in fact, we’re happy to work with a wide range of organizations that meet different requirements and focus on different areas – never just helping! So far we have worked with charities, educational institutions, housing associations, religious organizations, healthcare providers and private foundations.

You may be a small non-profit organization in a small community or perhaps an organization that operates in different countries or cities and has a somewhat more advanced complexity. But even so, our professionals are able to offer solutions tailored to the company’s motives, and if you wish, we can also restructure the overall approach and make something unique that can stand out. 

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Work with a team of professionals

At Climbia BPO, we take care of leading and training all the people who will attend your company to ensure that there will be no quality issues. Our teams will always focus on delivering the highest level of customer service.

Maintain your brand's tone of voice

Every company clearly wants customers to be served with quality and with the right tone of voice that fits your company. And to your relief, we do our best to match your brand values and convey them in our services.

Speak your customer's language

Climbia BPO has the ability to adapt to more than 4 languages in order to serve any country.

Pay more attention to your business, not your answering services

We know it is difficult to take care of your business and at the same time be attentive to customer services in different areas, but with us you will have more rest and more focus on the essentials.

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In other companies we have noticed that there is no constant monitoring of the security of the company, being quite uncomfortable especially in the technical support area. But in particular we have obtained a PDC DSS level 1 service provider qualification for all our outsourcing services. Your security is more than ready with us. 

PCI DSS level 1 certification:

This is considered the most important, as this clarifies that our company has up to 100% security on company data and gives us the permission to collect and process financial information without hacking risks.


Certificate is given for full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, a legal framework that establishes the scope of collection and processing of EU citizens' personal data by companies operating in the EU.


Certificate attesting that our company provides security and administration of customer data corresponding to worldwide standards.

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