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Comply with BPO and national security assurance baseline regulations, such as PCI DSS level one certification.

Handle the most complicated clients and difficult processes for developers

Manage ticket flow and monitor customer satisfaction rate.

Development of current Hardware and Software

Develop reports detailing our performance on a weekly basis

Development of a professional team before the official launch of outsourcing

Implementation of a database

Why choose Climbia BPO

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Personal Approach

We have a particular approach for each company that contacts us.

Effective support tools

We focus on providing the best service through the most modern tools in the market today.


We have more than four years of experience in serving customers and delivering the quality your company promises.

24/7 customer service

We have a constant work rhythm that does not stop, we are active 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including holidays and vacations.

Expert teams

We are prepared with the best strategies and training to meet our clients' needs.

4 languages

We speak the main languages used throughout the world to facilitate communication.

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Outsourced IT support services in Albania: the best solution for your business growth

Why outsource your IT support to Climbia BPO?

Climbia BPO provides your company or business with an effective and timely service that will help with existing and new problems as your company grows. By hiring Climbia BPO as your company’s premier provider of outsourced IT support services, you can be assured of the best team of professionals who can adapt to your company’s flexibility and bring fresh ideas that will allow you and your company to grow. Plus, you can take the financial burden of building a team from the ground up, because we have all the tools to help you. 

Our professionals are happy to personally offer you their experience that they have gained over the years working side by side on different projects. 

Improve the quality of your resources, distribute your time well and decrease the workload you have on your back through Climbia BPO’s IT support outsourcing, to always have optimal results that engage with your company: Increase customer satisfaction KPIs, ticket resolution base and decrease the time to service.

Advantages of outsourcing IT support with Climbia BPO

When it comes to outsourcing your social media customer service, there are a lot of advantages that we can consider separately.

We will allow you to focus more on your business agenda

60% of companies need to use IT outsourcing. For example, 58% of them confirm that this action allows them to focus on other business needs that will be able to grow their business, and this is quite a big advantage, because every company that chooses IT outsourcing solution gets the ability to focus on business growth, resources, database development, among other necessary things that need the time they would spend on just this service.

We will provide you with greater expertise

Climbia BPO is specialized in providing outsourced support services to technology companies around the globe. We have been working in this area for about 20 years, and therefore we have acquired over time the necessary experience to provide the best outsourced IT service solutions to different companies with different internal operations and multiple types of objectives. Focusing on: 

  • Technological capacity
  • Size
  • Working hours
  • Level of language proficiency required

And anything you need in your company that is not implicit in our page. So, don’t wait any longer and invest in quality. 

We will make sure that the team meets all safety requirements.

Being active in the IT area requires constant compliance with different laws and security needs as you handle sensitive information of each client, employees, among other things. Therefore, Climbia BPO took care of achieving PCI DSS level one service provider certification in order to give you the security your company needs and avoid inconveniences that could be dangerous for your clientele. 

We will enable you to improve your business performance

With the resources available, our expertise in the area and sufficient equipment for outsourcing to the most secure external IT support provider today, Climbia BPO, it is normal that you can afford time for other activities whether they are for your business or personal, therefore improving overall performance. From the new time available, you will be able to invest in the development and expansion of your company, paying attention to every detail that needs to be covered. 

Why companies outsource IT support - The Climbia BPO Experience

Throughout these long years of being number one in our area, our professionals have been part of multiple projects and have seen many companies improve significantly through different strategies they have created individually. So don’t worry, we will take care of understanding your IT market, and through that, take care of the services that your particular company needs and offer better options to your clients so you can make more trusting bonds.

So, in Climbia BPO’s experience, why do IT companies outsource?

To save money

50% of the companies that decide to outsource IT support say that the main thing when deciding whether to do it or not is to think about the amount of money they will save and the possibility of being able to improve the company with these resources in the future. Although the outsourced team is not responsible for totally decreasing the cost of the service, it is really quite effective for companies that do not have a big budget, but need excellent work. 

To find the best professionals

50% of companies that are just starting out or have not yet expanded say that they choose to outsource in order to gain experience in the process. It’s actually quite obvious, the newer the company is, the more common it is that they need extra support from an external provider who already knows how the market moves. And at Climbia BPO we are excited to participate in this growth that every company needs to go through, supporting even the smallest companies to be able to grow and have new possibilities. Besides that they get the ability to reduce their expenses and be able to invest them in the so precious extension, which in case of a small company, is more necessary.

To find solutions to existing problems

It is sometimes difficult to anticipate all the benefits of outsourced IT support. But clearly we assure you that one of the things that improves this decision is the resolution of existing problems and alleviates many arduous tasks. 

Indeed, modern companies have constant problems and questions as they deal with improving internal technical details. And outsourced IT support is a benefit that helps them cut off the path of problems and go straight to their immediate resolution. 

Improve customer satisfaction ratings

Customer satisfaction ratings or KPI is something that business owners should consider with high priority, as really customers are what allows us to remain successful. Taking into account how satisfied your customer is with the services you offer them and considering how you could improve their experience is paramount in any business and its future expansions. 

At Climbia BPO we strive to maintain a high KPI, bringing it up to 95% satisfaction so that the company can look good, and it also allows us to show you that the things we are planning are going well. And we do not limit ourselves, every year we invest more and more in the quality of our teams, doing different types of courses and training so that they can continue to provide the best service that we have promised so far to each of our customers and that we maintain year after year. 

Finding the most innovative solutions and ideas

Ideas that are ingenious and fun are taking over every area of business. Ideas have the ability to turn an entire company upside down and change the way it is distributed, which can be very positive or negative, but will always be necessary. Nowadays we have seen everything, therefore creativity is appreciated and a very valuable asset that is not available everywhere. 

Something that identifies us at Climbia BPO is that we strive to have several solutions and to offer different ideas that can be fresh and improve the conditions of the company. 

No matter the reason why you decide to outsource, in Climbia BPO we strive to offer a good treatment to our clients and our clients’ clients, creating a pleasant community that cares about the welfare of all members, because we are not only a service outsourcing company, we are an active part of your company and we consider ourselves an extension that will only focus on improving every day the company for which we work, giving you an exclusive treatment that guarantees success. 

Stand out with excellent Outsourced IT Support In Albania.

Work with a team of professionals

At Climbia BPO, we take care of leading and training all the people who will attend your company to ensure that there will be no quality issues. Our teams will always focus on delivering the highest level of customer service.

Maintain your brand's tone of voice

Every company clearly wants customers to be served with quality and with the right tone of voice that fits your company. And to your relief, we do our best to match your brand values and convey them in our services.

Speak your customer's language

Climbia BPO has the ability to adapt to more than 4 languages in order to serve any country.

Pay more attention to your business, not your answering services

We know it is difficult to take care of your business and at the same time be attentive to customer services in different areas, but with us you will have more rest and more focus on the essentials.

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Outsourced IT support is a group of services that an IT company offers to its customers in order to give them the correct technical assistance and help. All this through a pleasant tone and that allows the customer to have an unparalleled experience that makes them consider buying again or ask for one of the services offered by the company.

Actually yes, outsourced technical support is just right for the company that needs to develop new scope, have more professional expertise and decrease the amount of expenses it has on a monthly basis. In general outsourcing is good for any company.

The costs of outsourced IT support vary depending on the function to be performed within the company. For example, some of the characteristics that can be considered within the quotation of this service are: coverage time, variety of services, channels to be covered, size of the equipment, among others. If you are considering outsourcing your company’s IT support, please contact us through one of the communication channels available on our home page and ask for a quote for your company.

Yes, it will! The intention of outsourcing an IT support team is that it frees up a lot of in-house resources, as well as resources that can be useful for other areas. For example, the resources used can be used to support an internal team, to make an extension of territory, among other things.

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