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Outsourcing the receptionist service will facilitate the movements of your company and the decisions to be made in the future.

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Hardware and software development

Development of surveys to offer to customers

Customer support through different schedules tailored to the needs of the company

KPI statistics management

General assistance: From messages to difficult calls with different levels of queries (T1-T3)

Implementation of our expertise in various areas of outsourced services

Immediate response time to customers

Script-based query management and staff pre-training

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Outsourced IT support services: The best solution for your business growth

Why outsource your reception in Albania to Climbia BPO?

We can generalize two main reasons why companies make the decision to stop thinking about an in-house staff and focus better on having an outsourced receptionist:

Cost reduction

Small companies or businesses that have recently started or do not have a large ticket flow may not always justify having a professional expert in the area, as this could create very high expenses. Whereas outsourced front desk service gives you the ability to use those funds in other areas of the company and does not diminish the professionalism of the person who will be manning the front desk area.

The cost of hardware and software

In order to bring a quality service you need a huge amount of Software and Hardware to be able to do a good job being a receptionist. And since some companies do not have the capacity to afford to create one from scratch, outsourcing this service is ideal. It makes it possible to save money while still getting the service needed by the company, in this case, a receptionist. 

Payment of the full working day

It is normal that companies that are just starting or that are of little flow of people do not have the need to have their receptionist all day. But hiring a company receptionist is either forcing you to pay for 8-10 hours of work or confirming that the pay is good enough to keep the person from giving up days. 

At Climbia BPO we take care to offer you a special support model for small businesses, for example, split or shared services. For this, one of our consultants will split the working hours in different areas, so you can spend as little time on a project as one hour a day. And this means that there will be the possibility to fill the needs of the company even having a very small flow, which will avoid higher costs in the long run. 

Eliminate the need to teach

Although you may not think so, the reality is that receptionists are critical to the development of companies. Since they handle incoming calls and strive to get them to the right destination where their problem can be resolved. Therefore, they allow for excellent communication in the company/client area.

It is true that in every company there should be a need for testing and training time for the next receptionists, but getting used to the position takes time and mistakes. And even, the virtual receptionist will not be able to fill the entire needs of the company. Therefore, an outsourced receptionist would allow companies to decrease the process of training, getting used to the position, and also eliminates the mistakes and problems that may occur in that period of time. 

Do you really need to hire outsourced receptionist services?

Initially, there are several signs that may tell you that the time has come to hire an outsourced receptionist service. The most common ones are:

Large influx and lack of time to answer all calls.

Usually the number of receptionists in a company does not exceed two. And we have to be clear, sometimes these are not enough depending on the flow of the company. For example, in big companies sometimes not even three are enough.

Therefore, it is something that we should consider when hiring an outsourced receptionist service that allows us to fill all the needs of customers and avoid the accumulation of messages.

Too much unavoidable time away

We’ve done a survey that reveals that 70% of customers who call and don’t get an immediate answer hang up within 10 seconds of waiting. So imagine the number of people you lose every day who could be potential loyal customers. With Climbia BPO’s outsourced receptionist service you can be sure that everyone will be heard and you will be able to increase your sales thanks to the excellent attention your customers receive. 

The need to cover the receptionist niche

Outsourced receptionist for accounting or for a medical office. Virtual receptionist for a lawyer or outsourced solution for a car dealership: these are all niches, and they have their own specificities and requirements. So you need to make sure that your outsourced receptionist responds to all of them and can offer you the best possible services.

The need to be flexible

In every company there comes a time when the need to be flexible overrides everything else. That’s when it’s time to outsource. Flexibility (the ability to expand the team on demand, to have whatever working hours the company needs and to have as many consultants on the team as necessary) is one of the main advantages of outsourced receptionist service providers, and they can certainly provide it along with their expertise and good prices.

Clearly, the company’s decision to hire an outsourced receptionist is a serious one, but if this is your case, we at Climbia BPO will focus on meeting your company’s needs. 

Climbia BPO's experience: Outsourced receptionist vs. in-house receptionist: what's the difference?

Companies that are considering the option of hiring a receptionist through outsourcing will probably have questions about what benefits and changes we will see in this decision. So we’ll explain a little more for you below so you can be clear on all the important points:

The popularity of business over the phone is succeeded by higher costs.

Even though technologies have advanced exponentially and almost everything is carried online, 80% of customers still prefer to stay on the phone to make purchases or do business. And clearly most businesses offer this service for convenience and economy, so having someone to answer your calls is a primary action to keep you relevant in today’s marketplace. 

The importance of having all calls answered promptly

In the case of having an in-house receptionist, there may not be the capacity to pay attention to every call, depending on the flow of customers. In fact, they have the ability to leave work for any little thing, even to go to the bathroom. But 80% of the people who call and have no answer will hang up without leaving a trace, nor a voicemail so they can contact you later. Now do you realize how much you lose? 

If you decide to choose the group of outsourced receptionists that we offer at Climbia BPO, you can be sure that every call, even the shortest and most irrelevant, will be answered and will have a solution that suits each client and their needs. No matter how many calls, the flow of customers, or the tasks you need. Our entire team is committed to improving your customer service through the front desk. 

Outsourced services are always of higher quality.

At Climbia BPO we are very satisfied with the training we provide to our teams and the excellence they offer to our clients in different types of outsourced services, not only in the reception area. 

Our team is specialized to be able to attend all incoming calls, because our studies affirm that 80% of the clients terminate business with their suppliers thanks to bad service and scams from companies that promise too much and deliver too little. 

But we want to offer a service where all customers end up satisfied, and as we know that 60% of customers ask for improvements in companies every year, we keep ourselves every day training in new strategies and structures that allow us to improve our services until we can assimilate with perfection. That is why we comply with a KPI of more than 95%. 

To conclude, we will say that outsourced receptionists are very cost-effective, have a very complete training and will effectively give you the quality you need to respond to all customers. 

Stand out with excellent Outsourced Receptionist Services In Albania

Work with a team of professionals

At Climbia BPO, we take care of leading and training all the people who will attend your company to ensure that there will be no quality issues. Our teams will always focus on delivering the highest level of customer service.

Maintain your brand's tone of voice

Every company clearly wants customers to be served with quality and with the right tone of voice that fits your company. And to your relief, we do our best to match your brand values and convey them in our services.

Speak your customer's language

Climbia BPO has the ability to adapt to more than 4 languages in order to serve any country.

Pay more attention to your business, not your answering services

We know it is difficult to take care of your business and at the same time be attentive to customer services in different areas, but with us you will have more rest and more focus on the essentials.

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Of course you can! In fact, at the beginning we showed you the possibilities of schedule that receptionists can fulfill depending on the needs of your company, but you can adapt it to 24 hours if that’s what you need. It should also be noted that we work every day of the year, even on holidays and weekends, so you can be sure that no client can escape you and that everyone will be attended at any time, on any day and in any situation. That’s why our clients prefer us and always recommend us, our quality is above all!

Having an outsourced receptionist greatly decreases the company’s expenses, allows for multilingual support, provides cost-effective solutions to clients and helps to increase the company’s popularity through exceptional customer service.

An outsourced medical receptionist is one of the most sought after in this area of outsourced services, and yes, it is possible. But first you need to make a list of requirements and a work schedule in order to determine an estimated cost and have the ability to train the team that will work with you.

This really depends on the needs your company has. For example, the flow of people, the type of attention you need, the hours you will work, among others. Therefore, if you need to have a quote estimate, contact us directly and give us the possibility to guide you.

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