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Record inbound and outbound calls for later management

Increase the number of customers through specialized scripts

Create your own scripts to make personalized calls

Customer service at any time of the day or night

Development of current hardware and software

Implementation of the necessary technology to facilitate the job

Develop teams from scratch and train them

Management of performance indicators (KPIs)

Why choose Climbia BPO

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Personal Approach

We have a particular approach for each company that contacts us.

Effective support tools

We focus on providing the best service through the most modern tools in the market today.


We have more than four years of experience in serving customers and delivering the quality your company promises.

24/7 customer service

We have a constant work rhythm that does not stop, we are active 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including holidays and vacations.

Expert teams

We are prepared with the best strategies and training to meet our clients' needs.

4 languages

We speak the main languages used throughout the world to facilitate communication.

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Climbia BPO Outsourced Telemarketing Services: The best solution for your business growth

Why outsource telemarketing with Climbia BPO?

The decision to outsource telemarketing services is becoming more and more popular among users, to the point that it has been determined as one of the best solutions today. And in case you have not yet decided on a particular company that offers telemarketing outsourcing, let us list all the capabilities that our company has that will make your business grow over the years, which will help you provide a solution to your question: 

Climbia BPO has more than four years offering different types of outsourcing services, among them we can highlight the telemarketing service that we offer to companies around the world that need to focus on their sales strategies. We are grateful for the trust you have given us and we would like to expand your business to offer you the same quality that we have explored and implemented in our current and previous clients. 

There is one thing that sets us apart from all other call centers and telemarketing companies, and that is that we consider ourselves to be a part of your team or company, and not someone who is just providing you with a service. We try to integrate successfully to your daily tasks and to improve the stay with you in order to make a pleasant and non-confrontational work area. 

The idea of outsourcing telemarketing with our company is to be ahead of the trend and to be able to obtain quality results that will allow your company to grow. We can promise you that telemarketing outsourcing is exactly what you and your business needs right now. 

Telemarketing services offered by Climbia BPO

Inbound Telemarketing

It is normal that B2B or B2C customers need to be in contact with the telemarketing center in order to have clear and immediate information. And that’s where we focus. When they call our outsourced team to get concise information about your product or service, our specialists will handle the inquiry and provide the best possible attention through the training they have been previously given about the product they are selling. This way we make sure that the customer is not dissatisfied with the service and that they consider us as another part of their company that can also help them solve their doubts. 

This type of service can create a stable base of regular customers who will always try to satisfy their needs with the products or services offered by your company, since they have been offered the customer service they expected. 

Outbound Telemarketing

The outsourced telemarketing service may have outbound calls included among its features. And consequently, they can also be aggregated: 

  • Classification of potential customers
  • Development of an information base
  • Management of the validity of the database that currently exists
  • Developing marketing strategies that can be sustainable and functional for the company.

All the services mentioned above are developed thanks to the most current technology in the field of telemarketing that allows the correct functioning of our professional teams. 

Telemarketing outsourcing and different sectors

It is obvious that after more than four years of having started our experience as one of the prioritized telemarketing outsourcing companies, we have been able to observe and manage different types of strategies to allow those who hire our services to benefit in the future from the ones that work best. And thanks to so many clients, we have been able to gain experience in different job sectors, for example: 


Companies that deal with technology constantly strive to hire professionals who know what they are talking about and what the company is dealing with in order to avoid inconveniences. Yet there may still be a lack of telemarketing, as it is simply a very different field of expertise. Therefore, technology companies usually turn to companies that provide telemarketing services on an outsourced basis. 

At Climbia BPO we provide experienced and scalable telemarketing services such as:

  • Lead Management
  • Lead nurturing
  • Closing business with customers
  • Manage scheduling and call management
  • Manage demonstrations
  • Technical customer support 

And we also take care of implementing multiple types of structures to meet the target market, so your services will be able to find the people who need them faster. 

Financial segment

Outsourcing services are constantly associated with companies in the financial area. Among all the requirements, which is the most fundamental in the outsourced telemarketing solution? Well, the security standards and the confidence in certified security systems that we provide at Climbia BPO. 

Our company is PCI DSS certified as a level one service provider. This gives us the ability to store, manage and deliver more than 300,000 credit card transactions annually, in addition, there is the ability to work with very high volumes of different sensitive data. 

Having obtained this certificate puts us in the obligation to provide a verification base every year, which assures you that we are complying with the highest security standards on a continuous basis. Therefore, the outsourced telemarketing service we offer is one of the best options if you want to stay secure and hassle-free. 

B2B and B2C segment

The B2B and B2C segments are really strong. Every company is dedicated to evolve with customers, therefore, as we offer our outsourced telemarketing services we are growing. All thanks to the functions of sales order management, brand loyal customer management, call management, agenda and appointment management, among others. Each of these services is evolving over time, so the offerings are becoming more effective and will be able to help our customers much more.


Sales, analysis of customer needs and problems, management of different types of outreach structures in order to improve outsourced telemarketing to customers in different countries, management of base marketing structures and scripts for personalized communication with customers, are some of the many outsourced services that the company can ask us at Climbia BPO. And from our team, we strive to provide clients with all the benefits of a quality service. 

Internet Marketing

Email and company chat conversations, phone calls, and managing loyal prospects: These are paramount to having a successful and quality internet marketing operation that can make a difference within the company. And quality is what we focus on at Climbia BPO. Our digital marketing specialists will be able to help you increase your business advertising and avoid losing the opportunity to increase the number of customers through internet advertising. 

Our expertise in telemarketing and statistics: how we apply the best telemarketing techniques to improve KPIs.

The area of telemarketing is fundamental when we need to reach customers and be able to see a real increase in the number of purchases in the company, and through this, have more popularity among people. At Climbia BPO we have been through many companies and have gathered enough information to be able to offer an outsourced telemarketing service that offers everything you need, paying even more attention to the smallest details and making the KPIs grow. 

When it comes to outsourced telemarketing, we have focused mainly on:


When we are going to communicate, the tone in which we speak or address the person is 87% of what the other person notices to interpret our intentions. Therefore it is important to prioritize it and work on it, especially in the digital telemarketing service. 

In our facilities we do intelligent training where we teach our teams how to keep calm and be friendly with customers, despite the treatment they receive and the difficulty of the problem they are exposing to us. 


15% of our communication is made up of the words we say. Throughout these four long years that we have been offering services we have been able to manage a list of words that can make the process of communicating with clients easier and offer them a more pleasant experience. 

The comments

Believe it or not, 20% of customers in our surveys of other companies end up saying they don’t have the opportunity to leave feedback about the service. While 70% of customers are satisfied when asked what they think about the service and 50% of customers believe they can change something through their feedback.

At Climbia BPO we take care of managing every comment made by the customer and we strive to take them into account for future occasions. We also discuss with the company/client what are the opinions about their services and the things that have been said in the call through recordings and reports. 

Stand out with excellent Telemarketing Outsourcing Services in Albania

Work with a team of professionals

At Climbia BPO, we take care of leading and training all the people who will attend your company to ensure that there will be no quality issues. Our teams will always focus on delivering the highest level of customer service.

Maintain your brand's tone of voice

Every company clearly wants customers to be served with quality and with the right tone of voice that fits your company. And to your relief, we do our best to match your brand values and convey them in our services.

Speak your customer's language

Climbia BPO has the ability to adapt to more than 4 languages in order to serve any country.

Pay more attention to your business, not your answering services

We know it is difficult to take care of your business and at the same time be attentive to customer services in different areas, but with us you will have more rest and more focus on the essentials.

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If you need a baseline criteria to be able to determine which outsourced telemarketing company will make the difference in your company, it is best to start by comparing and making sure that the one you choose suits your needs.

This depends a lot on what you need. For example, we quote the service based on the hourly coverage, the number of people you will need, the number of services you have chosen and the communication channels that are needed.

Among the main advantages of outsourcing telemarketing we can find that the company’s expenses are reduced, the solution of problems is easier and there are lighter answers but they solve the customer’s problems immediately. Sales are increased, the company’s popularity is increased, and there is a general growth that will be beneficial in the long term.

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