Outsourcing Customer Services from Climbia BPO: Safe and Quality Solution

Increase now the satisfaction of your customers by outsourcing your support team. Contact us and gain an understanding of further information.

Who is Climbia BPO?

Climbia BPO is a company that provides supporting and operating telephone services. Dedicated to Business Process Outsourcing in Albania. It was founded in 2017, and at the moment it is operating in 3 locations – HQ Office in Durres, AL, Satellite Offices in Tirana, AL, and Miami, FL. We have 5 years of expertise in providing excellent customer service to third parties 24/7/365, in 5 languages – English, Albanian, Italian, French, and German, with an average of 1800 calls handled daily, 3000 emails, 200+ tickets, 40+ agents online, and 98% satisfaction rate.

Our support specialists’ team, which is consisted of more than 80 in-house across all three offices and more than 30 on-demand remote employees for special skill requirements, covers all possible channels of communication.

We are delighted with our professionalism and empathetic customer service. We are aware that every customer’s request is in need of a fast solution. Our company has served 380+ clients in a dedicated manner as well as more than +30 long-term, successfully completed, and ongoing campaigns.

Climbia BPO serves 12 countries and is pleased to partner with Amazon, ServiceNow, Sodexo, AmCham, Enel, Zalando, Colliers, and many more fantastic organizations  You can contact us now, and we will gladly answer all of your questions and give solutions to all your requests and problems.

Outsource Customer Service as a key to Accomplishment

Outsourcing is becoming a very popular practice as the advent of the Internet has allowed global communication to thrive. If you need external support solutions, such as an outsourced phone support then you are in the right place. The question is: Which are the advantages of collaborating with a customer service outstanding provider, similar to Climbia BPO.

Why choose Albania as a BPO outsourcing location with Climbia BPO?

Nowadays, businesses feel very focused on BPO techniques and their functions thanks to the operational flexibility benefits they bring to the company. But why is this? Well, we’ll explain it a little more in-depth:

If a company outsources its administrative functions that don’t carry much weight but take time to perform, the company will be better able to reallocate resources and employees to other types of sectors that need a more intense focus, for example, customer service and product leadership. Which results in a great advantage over the competition in the same market.

BPO can give companies the ability to have significant technological resources that they could not afford or carry on their own, or that would spend a lot of the company’s budget and time if built step by step. BPO companies like us, constantly strive to increase your company’s productivity with our advanced technology and recent techniques.

If you are a company outside Europe where high costs decrease the possibility for the company to develop quickly, you can take the advantage of hiring an outsourced operations service that does not have such high-income taxes and where you can get a good price for a more efficient way of working and that already has previous experience working remotely.

So we offer you Climbia BPO as your initial BPO company, where you will have multiple advantages ranging from fast training of a group of employees that will be at your disposal in less than a month, and that will allow you to reallocate your resources to other areas of your company that need it.

Our strongest points: our people and our culture