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Outsourcing Customer Services from Climbia BPO: Safe and Quality Solution

Increase now the satisfaction of your customers by outsourcing your support team. Contact us and gain an understanding of further information of Business Process Outsourcing in Albania. 

Who is Climbia BPO?

Climbia BPO is a company that provides supporting and operating telephone services. Dedicated to Business Process Outsourcing in Albania. It was founded in 2017, and at the moment it is operating in 3 locations – HQ Office in Durres, AL, Satellite Offices in Tirana, AL, and Miami, FL. We have 5 years of expertise in providing excellent customer service to third parties 24/7/365, in 5 languages – English, Albanian, Italian, French, and German, with an average of 1800 calls handled daily, 3000 emails, 200+ tickets, 40+ agents online, and 98% satisfaction rate.

Our support specialists’ team, which is consisted of more than 80 in-house across all three offices and more than 30 on-demand remote employees for special skill requirements, covers all possible channels of communication.

We are delighted with our professionalism and empathetic customer service. We are aware that every customer’s request is in need of a fast solution. Our company has served 380+ clients in a dedicated manner as well as more than +30 long-term, successfully completed, and ongoing campaigns.

Climbia BPO serves 12 countries and is pleased to partner with Amazon, ServiceNow, Sodexo, AmCham, Enel, Zalando, Colliers, and many more fantastic organizations  You can contact us now, and we will gladly answer all of your questions and give solutions to all your requests and problems.

Outsource Customer Service as a key to Accomplishment

Outsourcing is becoming a prevalent practice as the advent of the Internet has allowed global communication to thrive. If you need external support solutions, such as outsourced phone support then you are in the right place. The question is: Which are the advantages of collaborating with a customer service outstanding provider, similar to Climbia BPO.

Customer Service Outsourcing is Cheaper than any other In-House Solution

Hiring a support staff, telephone service operators, and building a high-level support strategy within your company structure has a fairly high cost. It is much better to focus on your business goal agenda and let an outsourced customer support team take care of your users. This will provide you with a lower cost.

More Coverage Offered

Climbia BPO offers complete coverage of your preferred means of communication (phones, chats, emails). Moreover, our company is completely integrated with the most popular chat and telephone systems, which makes our services flexible in order to suit all the needs of your business.

Climbia BPO Takes Care of your Support Consultants

Climbia BPO takes care of the training (based on our clients’ knowledge that we can help them develop) the support consultants which are the most suitable for your specific needs. You, as a customer, can be involved in this process as much as you want to.

We Offer a Multilingual Support

Climbia BPO offers 5 Language Support. At the same time, we are prepared in order to expand our company with more professionals in this field.

Short Response Time

We look after your customers’ requirements and we fulfill them, in a short period of time.

Customer Centricity

We come up with supreme customer service support solutions. It is our main aim. In this case, our company is obligated to guarantee outstanding customer care with outsourcing solutions.

Secure Conversations

You do not have to worry about the security and safety of your data. We keep all your conversations secure and meet all the key areas of safety.

What Does Climbia BPO Offer?

  • 24/7/365 Coverage Support
  • 5 Languages
  • Decent Service
  • Devoted and Divided Support Service
  • Analysis of your Business’s Performance in a Continual Manner
  • Brand Evolution Expertise
  • More than 30 On-Demand Remote Employees for Special Skill Requirements
  • More than 80 In-House Employees Across all Three Offices5


To get the fastest answer for any question simply contact us and ask anything.

One of the most important services, is considered the support of our customers. The service is addressed exclusively to the people who have chosen us and concerns everything we have implemented for them. Finally, there is the choice of consulting service to anyone interested. Customer support has a range of services which are consisted of the assistance and answers of the purchasement or usage of a product or service.

At Climbia BPO, we have a team of dedicated fulfillment

and customer service experts in order to help your e-commerce business grow and expand globally. To help expand your online business, on-site trained professionals are ready to meet any challenges, handle general customer service and requests, cancel orders, issue refunds, update address, manage return And much more. Contact us now at [email protected], and we will answer any further questions that you have.

Although the in-house customer support team looks very attractive and suitable for a business, more and more companies are turning to outsourcing practices these days. In the IT industry, the “outsourcing” of certain tasks means assigning them to an external partner (whether a company or a freelancer) who is usually more economical and has more experience in performing a particular task. This way you complete the work and free up some time for more urgent manners. Not to mention that outsourcing service can also allow you to save a lot of resources, as it gives you the opportunity to hire experts from all over the world.

The prices depend on the size of the team, the number of the languages that you need to be supported, the hours that your job opperates and whether if you prefer a dedicated or shared team of consultants. You will not know the exact prices until you decide on the choice of contractor and announce your terms.

We are proud to have Google as our partner

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